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mAdcat Moon is a revolutionary new product created by a real group of creative minds who are proudly and unapologetically "weird". This diverse group suffers from mental health conditions like ADHD, Dyslexia, Chronical OCD, Tourette's Syndrome, and Color Blindness. But that's what makes them unique! They see the world in a different way than most people do- giving them an edge when it comes to creating something truly special.

In less than a year, their work has been noticed by industry professionals and they've earned 10 million streams on all streaming platforms DSPs. Though they're not yet the most popular group out there, they've gained the attention of big platforms like BBC Music Introducing and have been supported by renowned artists like Diego Miranda, Kryder, and Sam Devine.

mAdcat Moon is more than just a product- it stands for something greater. It represents an opportunity to deviate from the norm and embrace your own sense of weirdness. No matter where you come from or who you are- mAdcat Moon encourages you to be proud of your weirdness and create something beautiful in spite of your circumstances. Take the leap with mAdcat Moon today- deviate from the norm and show the world what being weird looks like!

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